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    Private Satellite Networks for Corporations

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    Private Satellite Networks for Corporations

    With multi-regional Pan-European, Pan-African, Middle Eastern and Asian coverage, and cross region connectivity as well as with Spacecom’s expansion roadmap, the AMOS satellite fleet offers corporate networks secure, reliable and tailored satellite communications solutions.
    As bandwidth requirements grow and net-centric applications rapidly increase, The AMOS satellite fleet provides flexible, dependable connectivity solutions for enterprises with a regional or global presence. The AMOS platform facilitates connectivity between various locations, ensuring high-quality transfer of information to and from remote offices and customer sites.

    Private Satellite Network Service Portfolio

    • Local Area Network (LAN) interconnection between corporate HQ and remote offices, or among remote offices
    • Satellite VPN
    • High speed, secure data transmission
    • Delivery of voice, data and video to remote branches, supporting videoconference, telephony and fax transmissions
    • Internet applications
    • Point Of Sale (POS) applications, including ATM, inventory reports and more


    How can we help you?

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