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    NuRAN Wireless 1st DRC Site Is Now Live! Solution Based On Strategic Partnership with Spacecom and provided by the Most Powerful Satellite Over Africa, the AMOS-17 along with Managed Services And Hub Operation.

    Picture of Ofer Asif

    Ofer Asif

    SVP BizDev Marketing & Strategy | Spacecom
    Picture of Ofer Asif

    Ofer Asif

    SVP BizDev Marketing & Strategy | Spacecom

    This following June 29, 2021 Spacecom signed a strategic cooperation agreement with NuRAN Wireless Inc. including a USD 3.2 million investment in the Canadian tech-communications company. Spacecom has acquired 9.3% of NuRAN’s equity.

    The first site in DRC went live at 12:21pm on Friday, November 26th, 2021 Eastern Standard time. Despite the global supply sourcing issues and logistical delays, the Company expects to deliver additional sites already in 2021 in DRC and is ramping up to have a total of above 100 sites live by end of Q1 2022.

    Moreover, the initial report on the initial 10 sites in Cameroon for the first month of usage demonstrates a 32.68% penetration rate, higher than anticipated which should generate initial revenue from the sites which is much higher than previous management estimates for the first month of usage.

    NuRAN’s financial model accounts for a Penetration/ARPU ramp up over 5 to 8 quarters based on different site categories.

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    How can we help you?

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