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    From MegaHertz to Mega Needs, expanding the offering of Satellite Communication

    Picture of Ofer Asif

    Ofer Asif

    SVP BizDev Marketing & Strategy | Spacecom
    Picture of Ofer Asif

    Ofer Asif

    SVP BizDev Marketing & Strategy | Spacecom

    “It is time to stop thinking it terms of Mega-Hertz and start thinking in terms of Mega-Needs”, says Mr. Ofer Asif Spacecom’s SVP BizDev Marketing & Strategy. "One of the things that we are changing in Spacecom is the traditional industry approach; that we sell Mhz and Mbps to customers. I believe we are in the business of providing customers full solutions to their needs."

    The way I see it, we serve the “Chef Dish” and not ingredients. It is like when you are in a chef’s restaurant. As you are enjoying the meal, the quality of service, and the overall experience. It’s always about the greater value you are getting from the experience, much less about the cost of the ingredients.

    Spacecom owns and operates the AMOS-17, the most advanced and powerful satellite over Africa. We have evolved from a single service company to offering a portfolio, introducing new services as well as tailored solutions across Europe, The-Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Indian ocean.

    The new paradigm we believe in is that what mainly matters is providing high Quality of Service (QoS). In fact, for both big and complex project as well as the very small one, we emphasize the importance of QoS and ROI.

    Let’s stop talking about “communication” as stand-alone and start addressing the bigger needs our communication solutions are serving and value we are generating to our customer

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    How can we help you?

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